meGemma Cumming graduated in 2006 from Loughborough University (School of Art and Design) with a BA in Fine Art. Looking at ideas of failed perfection, anticipation and tourism, her work primarily reacts to imagery that sells an expectation of a place, not its reality.

Through various media she aims to subvert this kind of imagery. Using paint, she creates giant painted postcards with an ominous twist. Replacing the blue skies with darker and/or more ominous ones, while retaining the brightly lit foreground, and occasionally adding other incongruous objects she asks the viewer to look again at the scene. She also creates drawings, prints and other works that explore similar themes and concerns.

She has undertaken a number of unusual projects including painting a life size fibreglass adolescent elephant for summer 2010’s Elephant Parade London and a life size orang-utan for summer 2011’s Jungle City Edinburgh (both raising funds for ‘The Elephant Family’ charity). She has also recently had solo exhibitions in Octavia View, Wisbech and South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell.