Projects complete and new beginnings (part one)

It’s been a very busy month. May as always was very work heavy with most of my major projects and events happening in that month. In June I took two weeks off work to go away and catch up on homestuff and painting.

I had hoped to have got the current set of paintings finished before going away, it can be a distraction to look for new material while the current works are on the easel. However logically as I have a entire set of photos from a previous years holiday to yet turn into paint, I decided it was probably doing no more harm.

Over the last month or so I have got two paintings complete, leaving me just one that needs finishing. That one will be a while to complete, it hit a wall and I’ve yet found the courage to work it through this tangle.

I’ve started a new one, a commission and I now get to start to put together some new ideas.

So lets start with the new beginnings.

In June I took a week away and spent some time in Cornwall, based in Mevagissy. It was absolutely beautiful with the stunning coast views you’d expect from this part of the country. After a long but scenic drive I arrived in time to have a good meal and enjoy a sunset stroll around Mevagissy. Sunday I stayed nearby, walking the SW Coast Path in both directions to nearby coastal ruins and Portmellon as well as a proper daytime walk exploring Meva. I made it down at sunset again to take more photos and a video hopefully for later use.

Mevagissy evening

Monday saw me take to the road early to drive to St Ives, exploring the town including a trip to the Barbara Hepworth museum and a walk up to The Island. I went back to the south side of Cornwall later in the afternoon to explore St Michael’s Mount and it’s beautiful gardens. Utterly exhausted by much walking and the unfamiliar steep hills I headed back for an early night.


Aiming to get up later the next day, I still managed to be at the Eden project 45mins before it officially opened on Tuesday. I wanted the day to be quite relaxed so was happy to embrace going home early, however Eden is quite able to keep you there all day so this actually ended up being my longest day in the end. Enjoying the outdoor gardens in the morning, followed by a couple of trips around both biomes I only left when the late afternoon forecast clouds arrived and I could walk no more.


After another early night I continued the early morning theme by managing to wake before the dawn. Throwing caution to the wind I got up before breakfast and caught a fantastic sunrise over Mevagissy Harbour. As it was expected to be my last sunny day I decided to make a trek to Newquay. I walked up to Fistral Beach first and expectedly found it abandoned that early on a waveless morning. Making my way back into town I bought a huge bacon bap from a local café for an early lunch. The local wildlife were also after an early lunch as a seagull swept down on me from behind and tried to have my bap! Only the baps size and my two handed grip saved it but I still had to do the trick of eating around the gulled section. Once the tide had gone out enough, I took a go at wading in the water with the Go Pro for some shots I could never get with the Canon. I finished the day with a short trek to Gorran Haven.

Mevagissy Sunrise

The last few days were stormy and wet, giving me the opportunity to get some breaking wave shots and to later take the Go Pro out to practice with it’s huge wide angle. I got so wet on the last full day that nothing was dry to pack, it was not weather to take the Canon out in.


But throughout all this tourist stuff I’m always on the look out for photos. Not just the arty shots of dawn and sunset, of paint drips and close-ups of flowers but images that I can use for paintings. Strangers posing (intentionally or unintentionally) in front of famous landmarks and recognisable places. Which as I have explained before is a curious sensation of being on the surface a typical stereotyped tourist with a secret mission.

Bank Holidays

Like many artists who also work full time to support themselves I very much enjoy Bank Holidays. A three day weekend is very useful especially when I am deep into work, three days is just enough to get going and feel like something has been achieved.


This weekend, should all go well, I will get a painting finished and I have also found the opportunity to add some more to this website with works created but not yet documented.


A couple of years ago I had a lovely trip to the Isle of Wight, a paradise of opportunities for an artist whose work revolves around the postcard and tourist. One painting created from that trip is this one of the Isle of Wight Zoo. Of the images I took, I found this one of a painted tiger adorning the entrance the most interesting and unique part.


Isle of Wight Zoo

I’ve also taken the opportunity to re-upload my black and white drawings and will be adding some new as before unseen ones.


Please do follow me on Twitter for work in progress snapshots, there should be plenty this weekend and for updates to this blog. There are a number of other, new paintings and drawings that will be uploaded soon.

Blank Page

New blog!


So what’s been going on? Well I moved house, first house actually. Decorated it, furnished it, built a studio. Procrastinated a lot and worked (paid work) a lot. There was a period when I did very little creative work for myself and half finished paintings collected dust. Just trying to work out the new balance this moving malarkey had brought, so basically life.


But over the last few months I’ve been creating more, mostly drawings that need documenting. I’ve been experimenting with bookbinding and got back to painting. Oh and I remade the website which I’d been tinkering around the edges of for about 6 months on and off.