Bank Holidays

Like many artists who also work full time to support themselves I very much enjoy Bank Holidays. A three day weekend is very useful especially when I am deep into work, three days is just enough to get going and feel like something has been achieved.


This weekend, should all go well, I will get a painting finished and I have also found the opportunity to add some more to this website with works created but not yet documented.


A couple of years ago I had a lovely trip to the Isle of Wight, a paradise of opportunities for an artist whose work revolves around the postcard and tourist. One painting created from that trip is this one of the Isle of Wight Zoo. Of the images I took, I found this one of a painted tiger adorning the entrance the most interesting and unique part.


Isle of Wight Zoo

I’ve also taken the opportunity to re-upload my black and white drawings and will be adding some new as before unseen ones.


Please do follow me on Twitter for work in progress snapshots, there should be plenty this weekend and for updates to this blog. There are a number of other, new paintings and drawings that will be uploaded soon.

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